Lycamobile Port Out Process (Step-by-Step Guide)

The Lycamobile port out process is not too complicated.

In a nutshell, to port out your number from Lyca, ensure it’s eligible for transfer, keep your Lycamobile service active, and obtain your unique 11-digit account number and 4-digit transfer PIN by contacting Lycamobile customer support.

Then, provide these details to your new carrier’s porting department. The process typically takes 2 to 48 hours.

For a complete, step-by-step guide on smoothly transitioning your number from Lycamobile, please continue reading below.

Choosing a New Carrier

Before you leave Lycamobile, pick a new carrier that suits your needs. Here’s what to think about:

  • Network Coverage: Make sure the new provider offers good signal strength and coverage in your area.
  • Affordable Plans: Look for a carrier that has plans fitting your budget and usage requirements.
  • Compatibility with Lycamobile: Some carriers might not accept numbers from Lycamobile due to certain agreements. So, choose one that can take your Lycamobile number.

Is Your Number Eligible for Porting?

Not every Lycamobile number can be moved to a different provider. Here’s how to check:

  • Reach Out to Your Chosen Carrier: Contact the customer support or porting department of the carrier you’re considering.
  • Provide Your Lycamobile Number: Ask them to check if they can transfer your Lycamobile number to their network.

Keeping Your Lycamobile Service Active

To transfer your number successfully, your Lycamobile account must be active. Here’s why:

  • An Active Number is Essential: A number that’s not in service or has been deactivated can’t be moved to a new carrier.
  • Maintain Your Lycamobile Service: Make sure your Lycamobile account and its services are up and running until the port-out process is complete.

Obtaining Your Lycamobile Account Information

When you’re ready to move your number from Lycamobile to a new provider, you’ll need two key pieces of information: your Lycamobile account number and your transfer PIN.

Finding Your Lycamobile Account Number

  • Unique Code: Your Lycamobile account number is a special 11-digit number, different for every customer.
  • How to Get It: This number isn’t listed online. To find out what yours is, give Lycamobile’s customer support a call at 1-866-277-3221.
  • Verification Needed: Be ready to confirm your identity. They’ll ask for things like your phone number, what Lycamobile plan you’re on, and how you usually renew it.

Finding Your Lycamobile Transfer PIN

  • Security PIN: When you first joined Lycamobile and set up your service, you were given a 4-digit PIN. That’s your transfer PIN.
  • Lost Your PIN?: If you don’t remember your PIN, don’t worry. You can ask for it during the same call you make to get your account number.

What if you face complications with Lyca Support?

If you face challenges getting your account number or PIN from Lycamobile, there’s an alternative approach:

  • Email for Help: If customer service isn’t providing the needed information, email Lycamobile’s complaint department at
  • Provide Essential Details: In your email:
    • include your SIM card number
    • a couple of numbers you call frequently
    • the date and amount of your last top-up, and
    • mention the reason for your request (e.g., porting out to a new network).
  • Be Specific: If you’re planning to switch carriers, let them know which carrier you’re considering. This can help expedite the process.
  • Use this approach if support begins to take you around in circles.

Porting Your Lycamobile Number to a New Carrier

Step 1: Contact Your New Carrier

Once you have your Lycamobile account information, it’s time to reach out to your new carrier:

  • Choose the Right Department: Contact the customer support or porting department of the new carrier.
  • Provide Required Details: Give them your Lycamobile account number, transfer PIN, PUK PIN, and other personal details they may ask for.
  • Initiate the Transfer: The new carrier will start the process of transferring your number by contacting Lycamobile.

Step 2: Activate Your Number with the New Carrier

After Lycamobile releases your number, there are a few more steps to complete the switch:

  • Activate Your Number: Follow the instructions provided by your new carrier to activate your number on their network.
  • Confirm Cancellation with Lycamobile: To ensure you’re not billed further by Lycamobile, confirm with them that your service has been canceled.

Things to Remember

  • Lycamobile does not charge a fee for porting out your number. However, ensure any outstanding bills are paid before initiating the port-out process.
  • The porting process usually takes between 2 and 48 hours, depending on the new carrier and any delays that might occur.
  • Keep your Lycamobile service active throughout the port-out process.
  • Double-check the details you provide to the new carrier for accuracy.
  • Disable the ‘Auto Top-Up’ feature in your Lycamobile account before starting the port-out process.

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