Best vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood

Hey pet parents! Are you tired of constantly battling pet hair on your hardwood floors? Well, have no fear because I’ve got some purrfectly pawsome news for you.

I’ve done the research and found the best vacuum for pet hair and keep your hardwood floors looking fur-bulous. So sit back, grab a cup of catnip tea, and let’s dive into the world of best vacuum for pet hair on hardwood!

1. Shark Navigator Lift Away Advanced Upright Vacuum

It is a great option for pet hair and is also user-friendly. It features washable filters and a self-cleaning roller brush, so maintenance is a breeze. Users have not reported any clogs or issues with cleaning. The only drawback mentioned is that the dust cup could be larger, requiring frequent emptying.

2. Dyson vacuums

They have been recommended by some users, with the Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute Vacuum being specifically mentioned as a good choice for pet hair and hardwood floors. The Dyson rep reportedly told the user that the soft hard floor brush is the best option for antique hardwood floors. Some users of Dyson vacuums have reported a decline in quality, but the neighbors of the user who made the recommendation have never had any problems with hair clogging their Dyson.

3. Roomba robot vacuums

They are also a popular recommendation for those who want to keep their floors clean with minimal effort. The mapping feature is worth the extra investment, as it allows the Roomba to clean more efficiently. Users recommend running the Roomba once or twice a day to keep pet hair at bay. For more thorough cleaning, a swiffer can be used on the stairs and along edges and corners.

4. Dyson V7 Animal Stick Vacuum

This was recommended by a user who loves their older model. The stick vacuum is a convenient option for quick cleanups, and can be used to clean a whole house on one charge (as long as the MAX mode is not used). The vacuum can be easily docked and charged using the wall mount that came in the box.

Factors to consider when researching the best vacuum for pet hair on hardwood

1. Suction power

First and foremost, you want to look for a vacuum that has powerful suction to tackle those pesky pet hairs that seem to cling to every surface. A self-cleaning brush roll is a must-have, since pet hair can easily get tangled in the bristles and slow down your cleaning game. Washable filters are also a plus, so you don’t have to break the bank on replacements.

2. Type of vacuum

Next up, you want to consider the type of vacuum you want. Upright vacuums can cover a lot of ground quickly, but stick vacuums are more versatile and can easily reach those hard-to-get-to spaces. If you’re feeling fancy, a robot vacuum might be your cup of tea – just make sure to invest in a model with mapping capabilities, so it knows exactly where to clean.

3. Right use

Finally, make sure you choose a vacuum that can handle your unique hardwood floor situation. For antique hardwood, you might want to opt for a vacuum with a soft hard floor brush to avoid any scratches. And let’s not forget the dust cup size – you don’t want to be emptying it after every room!


So, there you have it folks! When it comes to best vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors, it seems like the Sharks, Dyson and Roomba’s of the world are all up for the task.

But, let’s be real here, who wants to spend hours and hours of their life constantly vacuuming up pet hair? Not me, that’s for sure.

So, why not let technology do the work for you and go for a Roomba with mapping capabilities? Or, if you’re a fan of the traditional route, a Shark Navigator or a Dyson V7/V10 will surely get the job done.

Remember, no matter which one you choose, just make sure it’s got your back (or in this case, your floor) covered when it comes to tackling that pet hair. After all, you deserve a clean home without all the hassle!

And, who knows, you might even be able to convince your furry friend to do the vacuuming for you… okay, okay, I know I’m stretching it a bit far there. But a girl can dream, right?

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